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Nutritional supplement
for high performance dogs and dogs under stress.

AMAIZE is a nutritional supplement containing antioxidant vitamins & minerals with essential & omega 3 fatty acids. AMAIZE is formulated as a nutritional supplement for high performance dogs working under stressful conditions. It was developed by a veterinarian for working hunting & field trial dogs, geriatric dogs, show dogs, sled dogs, racing greyhounds, and police dogs.

AMAIZE has proven itself in the hunting field, in field trials, the show ring, on the race track, in pulling contests, in obedience trials, and in working police dogs. Many professional trainers, breeders, and dog handlers feed AMAIZE every day to some of the best dogs in the country. We are so confident that if you feed AMAIZE to your dog for thirty days, you too will see a difference that will amaze you. If not, we will give you your money back. Just add a small amount of AMAIZE granules to your dog's food once a day, and in a few weeks you too will be amazed at the results.

Nutritional supplement
for dogs suffering from arthritis or hip dysplasia &
dogs and puppies with increased vulnerability to joint injury.

AMAIZE AHD is a nutritional supplement containing essential nutrients known to be necessary to build and maintain healthy joints. The level of nutrients contained in AMAIZE AHD are at much higher levels than can be obtained from commercial dog foods. AMAIZE AHD is intended as a nutritional supplement for dogs suffering from arthritis and/or hip dysplasia.

Dogs that can benefit from higher levels of these essential nutrients are ones experiencing an increased demand for the nutrients brought on by the disease condition or by a deficiency of these essential nutrients in the diet. Puppies from parents with a genetic history of hip dysplasia or arthritis may also benefit from supplementation. Dogs subjected to strenuous physical exercise, with increased vulnerability to joint injury may also benefit from supplementation.

Nutritional Supplement for
pregnant & nursing females and their puppies.

When AMAIZE P.G. was formulated, extra attention was taken in considering the unique requirements of the pregnant and nursing females and the natural but very real stresses placed on puppies as they change from the full and complete nutrition of their mother's milk to more adult food during weaning.

The pregnant and nursing mother will strip her own body of the nutrients and minerals needed to produce those healthy and happy puppies we all love. AMAIZE P.G. helps insure that the female has all of these nutrients and minerals plus an enhanced level of Folic Acid that she will need for her puppies and for herself during what are possibly the most demanding time on any dog's system. It is not uncommon for nursing mothers supplemented with AMAIZE P.G. to actually gain weight during the weeks of nursing!


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